• Giant Bio Technology Inc. is a biotechnology company dedicated to offering alternative solutions to antibiotics in aquaculture, along with related disease detection and prevention services.


    Established in 2019 at the National Taiwan Ocean University, Giant Bio is a startup that has received support from the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. With a robust scientific foundation and extensive field trials, the company has validated a proprietary process known as 'HerbmedotcinTM,' which combines biochemistry and nanotechnology. This patented technology amplifies the antibacterial effects of natural phytogenic compounds by 2,500 times, providing a superior alternative to antibiotics.


    Moreover, Giant Bio provides the HONEST M.A.NTM detection standards and a comprehensive monitoring solution for biosecurity, delivering precise disease detection for the aquaculture industry. This serves as a valuable reference for disease prevention and response.


    Additionally, Giant Bio offers the unique GiantbioticTM technology, involving the screening of potent probiotics alongside a patented postbiotic formula crafted from meticulously selected plant-derived phytogenic elements. This formulation is designed to establish an environment conducive to probiotic colonization in the gastrointestinal tract.


    In conclusion, Giant Bio is well-equipped to offer a comprehensive range of products and services specifically tailored for antibiotic-free aquaculture.


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    Lead the way in advancing "antibiotic-free aquaculture technology", playing a pivotal role in preserving health and fostering a harmonious approach to sustainability.


    The Journey of Giant Biotech

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