• Shrimp Feed Additives

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    Prawn Balance


    Regular maintenance, maintaining health, and promoting growth.

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    Prawn Guard


    High-risk period protection, symptom improvement.

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    Prawn Shield 1000

    For an additional dose when environmental pathogenic factors are increased.

    Dilute 1000 times to feed

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    Prawn Shield 2000

    For daily usage and feed process.

    Dilute 2000 times to feed.

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    Prawn HP


    Used during the initial stages of seedling stocking, it promotes the development of shrimp hepatopancreas, boosts stress resistance, and effectively prevents the occurrence of muscle loss symptoms caused by disease infections.

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    Prawn BG


    Effectively assists shrimp in swiftly alleviating symptoms of disease infections and manifestations of enteritis.