• HerbmedotcinTM

    HerbmedotcinTM is the most powerful phytogenictechnology platform. Drawing inspiration from the concept of preparation skills of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The patended technology platform combines modern biochemical and nanotechnological processes that utilizes edible-grade natural plant extracts (phytogenics) as raw materials and significantly enhances the effectiveness of phytogenic antibacterial active substances by 2,500 times. The Herbmedotcin feed ingredients are all originated from nature. In addition, these products exhibit excellent processing stability compared with normal phytogenics.

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    The 'HerbmedotcinTM' feed additive provides broad-spectrum bacteriostatic properties, effectively inhibiting the growth of various bacteria. It also enhances the gastrointestinal health of aquatic products such as fish and shrimp, boosting their individual growth rates and overall survival rates while reducing the likelihood of infectious disease occurrences.


    The 'HerbmedotcinTM' platform exclusively uses natural ingredients, adhering to stringent safety standards. The processed products undergo validation by third-party laboratories in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), with all safety tests successfully meeting requirements. The results confirm that the products are non-toxic and non-irritating to animals, thus exceeding regulatory safety standards.

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    The HerbmedotcinTM technology has attracted global acclaim, having undergone meticulous validation and scrutiny by experts. Supported by a robust academic research foundation, this technology has contributed to 31 published articles in international journals to date, with citations exceeding 600. Additionally, it has received recognition in the prestigious journal, Science Translational Medicine, highlighting its significance in combating antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.

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    In addition to its use in feed additiveproducts, the revolutionary phytogenic technology, Herbmedotcin, possesses significant potential for applications in cosmetics, human health, and medical care products, thanks to its antibiotic replacement properties and rigorous safety testing. Going forward, Giant Bio will align with market demands and progressively introduce related products in the future.