• Proprietary Technologies

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    Health Management Diagnostic System -- HONEST M.A.NTM

    Giant Bio offers the Health Management Detection System, HONEST M.A.NTM, enabling precise disease detection across various aspects of the aquaculture industry. This serves as a valuable reference for disease prevention and response.

    The HONEST M.A.NTM Health Management Detection System comprises three testing technologies:

    1. Microbial grow-out assays(Yen’s Test)

    2. Antigen detection assays(Literal Flow Test)

    3. Nucleic acid based assays (D-ICETMPCR Test)

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    The ' HerbmedotcinTM ' is the most powerful phytogenic technology platform. Drawing inspiration from the concept of preparation skills of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The patended technology platform combines modern biochemical and nanotechnological process that utilizes edible-grade natural plant extracts (phytogenics) as raw materials and significantly enhances the effectiveness of phytogenic antibacterial active substances by 2,500 times. The Herbmedotcin feed ingredients are all originated from nature. In addition, these products exhibit excellent stability compared with normal phytogenics.

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    Utilizing patented postbiotic technology alongside meticulously selected functional strains, GiantbioticsTM elevate the colonization capacity of probiotics in the gut. GiantbioticsTM represent the world's most effective probiotic technology, adept at suppressing harmful bacteria and harmonizing gut ecology. We provide comprehensive support for gut microbiome technology in every aspect