HONEST M.A.NTM, enabling precise disease detection across various aspects of the aquaculture industry. This serves as a valuable reference for disease prevention and response.


    The HONEST M.A.NTM Health Management Detection System comprises three testing technologies:


    1. Microbial grow-out assays(Yen’s Test)

    2. Antigen detection assays(Literal Flow Test)

    3. Nucleic acid based assays (D-ICETM PCR Test)

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    Microbial grow-out assays (Yen’s Test)

    Yen’s Test utilizes the TCBS Vibrio selective culture medium to specifically cultivate total Vibrio in water samples or the intestinal tract. By quantifying the colony count on the culture medium and comparing it with standard assessment tables, the risk of shrimp farming diseases can be evaluated. This, in turn, guides farmers in implementing appropriate management measures.

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    Antigen detection assays (Literal Flow Test)

    The lateral flow test operates based on the binding of antigens and antibodies. Similar to the principles of enzyme immunoassays, it ultimately utilizes the colorimetric aggregation of nanoparticles to display results. Due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, it is commonly employed as a rapid screening reagent. Giant Bio utilizes this platform technology to develop rapid screening techniques for disease detection in aquaculture. The initial completed product is the EHP rapid screening reagent, which swiftly identifies the presence of microsporidian infection by detecting disease-specific antigen proteins in shrimp hepatopancreas. This assists shrimp farmers in timely disease management and prevention.

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    Nucleic acid based assays (D-ICETM PCR Test)

    The D-ICETM Diagnostic System' is a swift prawn disease testing technology developed by Giant Bio. This system integrates non-purified nucleic acid amplification and capillary electrophoresis technologies, greatly streamlining the operational process and saving a considerable amount of time. The entire testing procedure is completed in just two hours. Leveraging a portable and highly sensitive bio-fragment analysis device, the system delivers rapid and precise results through a user-friendly interface. It finds practical application in disease management on shrimp farms, facilitating on-site testing without the need for specialized personnel. Even aquaculturists themselves can conduct tests at the edge of the cultivation pond.

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    The three aforementioned tests are characterized by the following features:

    • High accuracy
    • On-site
    • Neat
    • Economy
    • Simple
    • Technology

    These features contribute to why Giant Bio refers to its aquaculture health management detection system as HONEST M.A.NTM.